A lawyer who has spent time in prison with Duca Lamberti is found drowned in one of the Navigli, the Milanese canals. Duca is contacted by a friend of the dead lawyer to perform surgery on a woman who after the operation confesses that although she is due to marry a wealthy butcher, is really in love with another man, the friend of the lawyer.
Shortly afterwards, she is killed together with her lover. Duca discovers that the two events are linked and starts to unravel an arms and drugs trafficking business, centred in an understated trattoria, of which the two were part.

A Private Venus

In the bleak Milan suburb of Metanopoli, in the late 1960s, a dead woman is found along the side of the road. Duca Lamberti is a medical doctor who has just been released from prison, where he has spent three years for having practised euthanasia. He is approached by the rich industrialist Auseri who asks Duca to cure his son Davide of his drinking habit. After an attempted suicide, Davide explains to Duca how he had met Alberta, the young girl who was found dead a few days earlier, death for which he feels responsible. Duca is compelled to find out the truth, and with the help of Alberta’s friend Livia Ussaro, he and Davide support the police in uncovering a complex circle of crime, where Duca will have to find his own justice.

The first in this classic series featuring Duca Lamberti.

I Will Have Vengeance

Naples, March 1931: a bitter wind stalks the city’s streets, and murder lies at its chilled heart. As one of the world’s greatest tenors, Maestro Vezzi, is found brutally murdered in his dressing room at Naples’ famous San Carlo Theatre, the enigmatic and aloof Commissario Ricciardi is called in to investigate. Arrogant and bad-tempered, Vezzi was hated by many, but with the livelihoods of the opera at stake, who would have committed this callous act? Ricciardi, along with his loyal colleague, Maione, is determined to discover the truth. But Ricciardi carries his own secret: will it help him solve this murder?

Blood Sisters

The countryside around Milan is wrapped in eerie darkness as psychologist Anna Pavesi digs in the icy soil, looking for... what? Just over a week earlier, Anna is approached by the well-heeled Benedetta Vitali with a request to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death in a road accident of her half-sister Patrizia and the subsequent disappearance of Patrizia’s body. Anna is not a detective, there has been a misunderstanding, but she is short of money and agrees to take on the assignment. It will lead her into a labyrinth of false clues and wilful deception in which nothing is as it seems. Was Patrizia’s death merely a commonplace hit-and-run incident on a country lane, or was there something more sinister behind it? As she digs deeper, Anna realises that even her own life may be in danger...

Inspector Cataldo's Criminal Summer

In a quiet holiday town in the Italian Apennines, during a torrid summer, a string of gruesome deaths stirs up trouble in the local community. A suspected suicide which Inspector Cataldo is called in to investigate brings to the surface shady events belonging to the past, and a mysterious foreigner shakes up the delicate social balance of a group of friends who have a lot to hide.